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The Easiest Way to Meet New Friends & Have Fun in a Safe Environment.

There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t yet met!

Calgary is home to diverse individuals with a range of interests and backgrounds. When you visit Calgary, experiencing the city by meeting interesting people and exploring our flourishing communities will leave a lasting impression. Things To Do In Calgary makes this happen. We organize events that represent our diverse background and reflect the Calgary that we know and love. Things To Do In Calgary ensures that visitors and community members can make the most of their time in Calgary.


Born & raised or recently settled
Every friendly person is welcome in this group!

What We Do

At Things To Do In Calgary, our mission revolves around offering organized, safe, and hassle-free events for locals and visitors to Calgary.

We build positive environments that support and include the many cultures, backgrounds, and languages that make up the fabric of our city.  Things To Do In Calgary is constantly looking for the best ways to explore the city. We plan events that celebrate the food, music and culture that is important to Calgary’s diverse communities.

Things To Do In Calgary aims to foster accessibility, sharing, and learning by planning inclusive events where you are welcome regardless of your background. Ultimately, we want to showcase the best events in Calgary, and celebrate our city and culture together.


We value interaction
Our customer values

We love our local communities and understand that the people who represent them are integral to our mission. Things To Do In Calgary listens to your voices to ensure that our events serve the best interests of everyone involved. Maintaining professionalism, working relationships, trust, and security is our top priority. We are committed to serving Calgarians and promoting the best of Calgary long in to the future. Let’s work together to promote Calgary’s diversity and flair within our communities and to the world.

Your opinion matters to us, so don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, comments, ideas, or concerns – We promise to get back to you!


What people are saying about Things To Do In Calgary

Great experiences always fun chatting and socializing.. there is a variety of things to do for different tastes, thank you Things To Do In Calgary

– Rob

Lots of fun every time! I love the variety of meetups and how many people attend. Not one bad experience.

– Lauren

I've done a few events, including a where's Waldo type thing downtown, bowling, laser tag, and haunted houses. Good mix of fun and people!

– King

Being a part of this group has been very rewarding as I have met a lot of great people who are looking for the same thing, a place to chat and have fun while being respectful. I would recommend this group to anyone that wants to try new things with people who genuinely want to make new connections in the city. 

– Jeff

I had a great time, I would highly recommend this group to anyone that wants to have fun. Brad was a great leader that welcomed everyone and showed us all a great time. 

– Daryl