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Date: May 19th @ 7PM, 2018

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We strive to build a safe and friendly community in Calgary.

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I wanted to do that… Just not alone!

  • Game of table top Jenga Game night
  • Escape Room group photo
  • Flames game at a pub
  • Bow river rafting
The mission of this group, as the name implies, is to provide good company in a positive and safe environment for members to experience things that, for whatever reasons, they longed for but weren't able to do before.
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Event Member Reviews

  • Lauren S.

    This group is a lot of fun. There is always a good turnout and always a blast.

  • Jeff S.

    Being a part of this group has been very rewarding as I have met a lot of great people who are looking for the same thing, a place to chat and have fun while being respectful. I would recommend this group to anyone that wants to try new things with people who genuinely want to make new connections in the city.

  • Daryl S.

    I had a great time, I would highly recommend this group to anyone that wants to have fun. Brad was a great leader that welcomed everyone and showed us all a great time.

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The easiest way to meet new friends in Calgary in a safe environment & have fun doing it!


Featured Biweekly Event
Beer & Wings Nights

Event Details

Come on out, meet some amazing people! You never know who you may meet. Enjoy some great food and drinks and we often include board and card games as part of the fun.

Group Specials Include:

  • Wings for 35¢
  • Sicilian Kiss Shots $3.49
  • Wild Rose Velvet Fog Pint (20oz) $5.99
  • Cocktail: Caesar $4.99
  • Big Rock Lager $5
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